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TETRAMAX launches the largest pan-European technology brokerage network on customized low-energy computing.

With this brokerage portal, TETRAMAX has become a one-stop-shop for SMEs and larger companies searching for innovative low-energy computing solutions. The online platform has been supported by workshops and training events organized in the first year of the project, which reached around 2,000 people. Read more:  https://www.hipeac.net/press/6873/tetramax-launches-the-largest-pan-european-technology-brokerage-network-on-customized-low-energy-computing/

DIATOMIC Matchmaking Sessions @EFECS 2018

Come visit DIATOMIC booth at EFECS 2018 (20 – 22 November, Lisbon). Our team is organizing a series of brokerage/ matchmaking sesions where microelectronics startups/ SMEs can meet with Competence Centers from across Europe. You do not only get the chance to find potential collaboration partners with whom to apply for DIATOMIC Open Call #2, […]

DIATOMIC launches a pan-European one-stop shop to facilitate microelectronics-based innovation in health, agrifood, and manufacturing

DIATOMIC one-stop shop (https://diatomic.eu/DiatomicPortal/) is designed to address the key challenges many SMEs/midcaps have identified in crossing the “Valley of Death”. First, it aims to assist companies with low technological maturity from the fields of health, agrifood, manufacturing to link with counterparts who possess the right resources to design, develop and prepare their solutions for […]