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Q: What is SmartAnythingEverywhere all about?

A: The overall goal of Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) is to let SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps enhance their products and services through the inclusion of innovative digital technologies. Further information on

Q: where are commonly used abbreviations explained

A: Find here a link to the explained abbreviations à link to

Add CLEC to the abbreviations: customized low-energy computing

Q: What is a Digital Innovation Hub (DIH)

A: DIHs support the faster adoption of latest digital technologies notably by SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps. They act as a one-stop-shop, providing customers with access to digital technologies and competences, infrastructure and training to test digital innovations, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities (Link to a catalogue of European DIHs).

Q: What is stated in the Digitising European Industry initiative (DEI)

A: The Digitising European Industry initiative (DEI) was launched by European Commission in April 2016 and it’s a key element of the Digital Single Market Strategy, which aims at reinforcing the European Union’s competitiveness in digital technologies and ensuring that business of any size, in any sector and country can fully benefit of digital innovation.
DEI will support and link up national initiatives and boost investment through strategic partnerships and networks and consist of five main pillars: * European platform of national initiatives on digitising industry. * Strengthening leadership through partnerships & industrial platforms. * Digital innovations for all: Digital Innovation Hubs. * A regulatory framework fit for the digital age. * Preparing Europeans for the digital future. (Information by courtesy of I4MS)

Guide for Newcomers

Cascade funding

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Engage with running IAs

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Funding instrument “cascade funding”

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General information before applying for Open Calls

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SAE for SMEs

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SAE in General

About SAE

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Agenda DIH Day 2019

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Flyer SAE

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SAE brochure

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Strategic Research Agenda 2018

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