DigiFed Open Call for GEC


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Technical area: Cyber-physical and embedded systems
Duration: December 17th 2020 – February 17th 2021
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About the Open Call

DigiFed launches open calls for 4 different Generic Experiment communities between 2020 – 2021. The first, lead by CEA on Cybersecurity IoT platforms, opens on Dec. 17th 2020!

DigiFed Generic Experiments Communities (GEC) are designed to test new collaborations between research centres and SMEs and Mid-Caps as well as develop new co-financing mechanisms between European and regional funding to foster European industry digitalization. The objective of the Generic Experiment is to build communities of SMEs and Mid-Caps around a specific technical topic (GEC Topic) proposed by a DigiFed research centre (the GEC Owner). GE Communities are expected to involve a group of about 10 European companies together with the experts from the relevant research centre.

The involved research centres include:

  • CEA who will lead the “Cybersecurity trusted IoT Platform” topic,
  • IKERLAN who will lead “Industrial Cybersecurity”,
  • BME for “Energy-efficient lighting” and
  • ULJ who will develop the “IOT prototyping in agriculture” topic.

The calls for the 4 different topics will be announced progressively, with the first one, lead by CEA and in cooperation with ST and France-Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region, launching today on Cybersecurity: Secured Platform for IoT.

For more information about these calls please visit the relevant pages on the website at: https://digifed.org/open-calls/generic-experiment/

Find here the submission page for GEC