DigiFed Open Call for AE


Open Call Information

Technical area: Cyber-physical and embedded systems
Duration: March 2021 – June 2021 (exact dates not available yet)
Further information & Application

About the Open Call

DigiFed will launch its Open Call for Application Experiment in spring 2021.

DigiFed offers grants of up to € 55k as well as technical and business support for the development of smart applications in Europe.

If you are:

  • Developing novel and innovative smart solutions worthy of market leaders.
  • Bridging the physical and virtual worlds with advanced technologies and industrialized solutions.
  • Interested in using premium resources and competencies to speed up development.
  • Wishing to access a unique European ecosystem composed of: leading industrial companies, world-class research organizations, innovation accelerators and private investors.

DigiFed offers you:

  • Access to industrial platforms in the domain of cyber-physical and embedded systems (CPS).
  • Product support aimed at bringing your innovations to target markets.
  • Up to € 55k in funding – representing 70% of your project’s declared budget.
  • Added value to your product through the usage of high-level technical expertise pooled from research centres across Europe.
  • Innovation management support focusing on sustainable business development – to help your innovation get to the market via DigiFed and the Smart Anything Everywhere ecosystem.
  • Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) services to identify technical partners, commercial opportunities in Europe and receive tailored help, webinars and boot camps through the DigiFed project.
  • A unique marketplace organized as a one-stop-shop with access to leading-edge industrial platforms and several advanced technologies
  • Support through expertise, know-how, coaching, design support and tech transfer from our partners or DIH services.

Further information will be provided in due time.