Hubcap Open Call “Pull” No. 1.5


Open Call Information

Technical area: Cyber-physical and embedded systems
Duration: February 1, 2022 – March 31, 2022
Further information & Application

About the Open Call

Each HUBCAP PULL Call provides a mini-grant of €1,000 to help individual SMEs integrate existing CPS and MBD tools in the HUBCAP collaboration platform. The asset integration is supported by the DIHs through the participation in workshops. SMEs are invited to define the price structure for their assets and will thus benefit from exposure in the HUBCAP marketplace, as well as the opportunity to find new customers and participate in the subsequent EXPERIMENT and INNOVATE calls.

What’s in it for SMEs?

  1.  The opportunity to integrate their MBD CPS products, services and technologies within the HUBCAP ecosystem offering
  2.  The chance to reach potential new customers and collaborators and to participate in funded HUBCAP experiments and innovations
  3. A lump sum of 1000€ (per SME)
  4.  Access to a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders active in multiple CPS domains (Mobility, Industry, Health, Energy, Environment, Robotics, etc.)
  5.  Access to support services and workshops with our DIHs