Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE)

Open Call Information

Technical area: Customized low energy computing powering CPS and the IoT
Duration: 15 March 2021 – July 15 2021
Further information & Application

About the Open Call

KTEs are novel type of experiments allowing smaller projects, or less mature ideas to be presented, tested and thus potentially find the fertile ground to grow and reveal its product potentials. KTEs act as internships / traineeships, apprenticeships and short-term training programmes (3 months). KTEs are between two different entities from two different Countries: one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as Sending Organization and one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as Host Organization.

KTE proposals have to target the exchange of knowledge of CLEC for CPS and IoT, in one of the following domains:

  • Digitized Transport
  • Digitized Environment
  • Digitized Agriculture
  • Digitized Anything

Who can apply?

Consortia must include the following type of applicants:

  • Universities or Academic Institutions
  • SME and Slightly Bigger Companies
  • Technology Providers in general

Proposals can be submitted by any of the afore-mentioned type of entities, but the participation of, at least, one SMEs/Slightly Bigger Companies is compulsory and should be the lead of the cross. The proposals must be cross border, involving at least two independent entities from two different EU Member States or associated countries. All the participating partners must be established in EU member state or in Associated Countries. The applicants involved in the consortia can NOT include any SMART4ALL partners.

What are the Benefits?

  • Get financial support of up to €8,000 (or up to € 6,000 for experiments executed remotely due to Covid-19 travel restrictions)
  • Establish new collaboration
  • Get business, ethics, technology, fundingdevelopment help from international lead experts
  • Join novel coaching services

 How to Apply?

Guide for Applicants and FAQs are available at SMART4ALL Application Kit (