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Smart Anything Everywhere Contest Award 2020

The idea behind

Awarding the most promising companies among the Smart Anything Everywhere community and offering them access to private investors active in Deep tech.

The SAE Contest Award is aiming at

  • Identifying and promoting the most promising innovative companies within the SAE ecosystem
  • Getting them to meet with private investors to be aware of their investment strategy and expectations
  • Helping them to strengthen their investors network
  • Supporting them in obtaining the right visibility towards the right investors with the right matching thanks to BLUMORPHO coaching.

Companies having benefited from funding from one of the Innovation Actions aligned to the SAE initiative and now looking for private investors were offered to apply for the Smart Anything Everywhere Contest award 2020.

All applicants were evaluated by relevant private investors active in hardware & deeptech and were offered to get visibility and taking part to INPHO Venture Summit in October 2020, a high-end space where private investors and large corporation’s top executives meet to tackle our world’s most pressing challenges through disruptive technologies. This biennial financial investor and strategic business partnering summit is focused on growth markets and investment in technologies shaping the future. The summit provides the financial community and industrial leaders with a clear perspective on the most innovative, credible and profitable market opportunities in photonics and other smart hardware technologies.

Independently of the award and its selection process, all the SAE innovative companies that applied were invited to build their digital booth inside the INPHO Venture Summit Showroom.

Awarding the 2020 SAE contest winner

The award ceremony has taken place in the framework of the global INPHO Venture summit closing ceremony. In the presence of Georges Ugras, president of INPHO editorial committee and jury panel and of Hervé Floch, Alpha LRH the organiser of the event, the SAE contest award has been delivered by Andreas Lymberis, Head of Sector “Wearables & Bioelectronics” at the European Commission who accepted to award the SAE companies to highlighted the ongoing discussions that are engaged between SAE and the EIC Accelerator to create a bridge between these two stakeholders of the European innovation ecosystem.

And the winner is…

The 1st Prize was awarded to Protolab for their innovative approach to address scoliosis treatment with a digital and sensor approach, congratulation to Piero Schiavuta. Beyond the technical challenge, the jury members were very happy to see that smart technology can contribute to improve people life and improve a rather standard treatment procedure. Learn more about the Protolab project!

The 2nd prize went to Maria Bulgheroni from Ab-Acus for the very promising tele-rehabilitation solutions they have developed. Learn more about Ab-Acus!
The 3rd prize went to SANTO/ Thomas Becker from Cipacto for a very innovative approach to address environmental challenges of industrial tank leakages. Learn more about the SANTO project!

Congratulations to all winners!


Thursday 2nd July, 2-3 pm CEST

Many EU projects are currently developing networks, often with DIHs as a core of their members. One of the challenges is how to ensure sustainability of these initiatives after the project end. The webinar will address this topic and will look into some element such as what are the services and possible business models, what is the role of the brand, etc.

The webinar will provide first insights into these questions, building on the input and discussions from the RODIN Working Group on Post-Project Sustainability for Innovation Actions as well as insights from other projects.

Register here