Call for SMEs to submit digital solutions to respond to the needs of cities and municipalities around Europe

This call is not aligned to an SAE Innovation Action but might be of interest for European SMEs:

To showcase the excellence of European digital SMEs to local, national and European Public Administrations, DIGITAL SME will soon release a catalogue of “SMEs´digital solutions for smart cities” and launch an SME Focus Group on Smart Communities. The call is open to SMEs digital solutions for both urban and rural ecosystems.

The best solutions will be presented in the launch event of the newly established Focus Group Smart Communities.  In this occasion, representatives from the European Commission for the initiative and representives of municipalities, local governments and public procurers will be invited to discuss together with SMEs the importance of an open innovation ecosystem for the public procurement of digital services. 

You have time until the 15 of February to submit your digital solution for smart cities by clicking on the link below:

Submit your digital solution here

This call to action comes with the increased participation of the European DIGITAL SME Alliance in the Smart Communities domain at the European level, with the support to the European Commission flagship initiative for the digital transformation of European cities,, and participation in the AURORAL project.

DIGITAL SME is committed to ensure that European digital SMEs are strongly positioned in the European public procurement market having easier access to public tenders and offer their cutting-edge solutions. SMEs are active players in their local communities and this gives them an important advantage in providing innovative and tailored digital solutions not only to local businesses, but also to Public Administrations.

In case of questions, please contact Mr Sebastiano Toffaletti by email (