Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs

Project duration:

01/2020 – 06/2023

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The BOWI project is part of European Commission’s Smart Anything Everywhere initiative that aims to boost innovation uptake across Europe through widening and knowledge transfer between different regions and innovation hubs. The objective of the project is to support the collaboration between Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) across Europe to increase their capacity to support SMEs with digital technologies and thus strengthen regional economy and the competitiveness of the European SMEs.

BOWI project will ensure technology and experience transfer from established DIHs located in mature regions to developing hubs in underrepresented regions. This will be done by direct funding through Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs) where established and developing DIHs collaborate jointly in solving concrete digitalisation problems of companies from emerging regions.

The experiments will run in 2 stages – pilot and extended – and in total 60 experiments will be carried out with a total funding of € 4,8 M. The participants for the experiments will be selected through 3 open calls:

  • In 2020 Q3 an open call for SMEs/mid-caps from pre-defined regions of Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Norway to apply for support in TTEs that will be led by the Consortium Partners;
  • In 2021 Q1 an open call for developing DIHs to apply for participation in next experiments and begin knowledge transfer;
  • In 2022 Q1 an open call for SMEs/mid-caps to apply for experiments with the DIHs accepted during the 2nd open call.

While performing the TTEs project partners will develop and test a business model for collaboration between DIHs from mature and emerging regions. This business model will serve as a basis for a pan-European BOWI network – a unique, self-sustainable net of DIHs that would allow excellence transfer between different regions and continue to function and grow even after the conclusion of the project.

The BOWI project will benefit the established hubs by developing new cooperation opportunities and gaining access to previously non-operational markets through the developing hubs. In their turn developing hubs will achieve excellence and become the regional expertise centres of digital innovation – a go-to place for SMEs/mid-caps requiring digital services.

This network will contribute towards European Digital Single Market and ensure access to digital transformation technologies by SMEs and mid-caps from underrepresented regions.