Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) federation for large scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs

Project duration:

01/2020 – 12/2022

Web Portal: https://digifed.org/

DigiFed’s ambition is to become a world leading pan European accelerator for the deployment of embedded and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), supporting the European Commission strategy to lead and win the digitization race of the European industry. Based on years of experience on CPS acceleration, DigiFed partners bring in a mix of proven methodologies and approaches on innovation support together with novel ideas that underpin a truly innovative programme able to foster the emergence of world class CPS products and solutions.

The main objective is to encourage the adoption of advanced digital technologies by EU SMEs with a focus on non-digital businesses. DigiFed implements a business plan for the sustainability of the federation of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), while providing significant support mechanisms for individual and groups of SMEs to foster the introduction of digital technologies in their product and service offerings.

The focus is on Cyber Physical and Embedded Systems with a particular attention to security and privacy, autonomy and human-machine interaction. Its innovation pathways offer two main instruments: “Generic Experiments” target a group of mainly non-tech SMEs to implement advanced technology demonstrators with co-funding from regional authorities; “Application Experiments” allow individual SMEs to define an R&I project to disrupt, upgrade or manufacture an innovative digital product or service.

DigiFed gathers 6 DIHs from different countries with established ecosystems and will continue expanding and linking with other DIHs and DIH networks through its lifetime to create a truly EU-wide offering of sustainable cross-border DIH services.

With the aim to engage at least 200 SMEs and midcaps from across Europe in its innovation programme, at least 80 of these will receive also funding support and benefits from one of Digifed’s innovation pathways-half of these will be businesses with low digital maturity. Both funding from private sector and public co-funding from regions of DIHs will be leveraged in order to maximise value from EU investments.
Three open calls will be launched throughout the project lifetime, providing windows of opportunities for applicants to come forward with innovation ideas to be supported by our advertised innovation pathways. The open calls will be advertised widely through awareness creation campaigns across all DIH regions with the help of DIHs in the consortium and associated partners. The application process will involve an online application together with a video pitch. Interested companies have also the opportunity to attend a DigiFed boot camp that will be hosted within the consortiums DIHs and those of identified partner DIHs.