Congrats to the SMART4ALL winners

SMART4ALL selects 8 winning consortia for its 1st Open Call on Knowledge Transfer Experiments

SMART4ALL, the EU-funded project dedicated to the development of self-sustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry, has selected 8 winners in its 1st Open Call on Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTE). The Open Call ran from 15th April until 15th September 2020. Candidates were required to submit their application online at

Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs) are short-term internship projects between two different entities from two different countries: one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as Sending Organization and one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as Host Organization. To be eligible for selection in the Open Call, proposals had to target the exchange of knowledge of CLEC for CPS and IoT, in one of the following domains: Digitized Transport, Digitized Environment, Digitized Agriculture, or Digitized Anything.

The 8 winning consortia were selected amongst 12 applications that included entities from 12 different countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom. The 8 winners are:

  • FUTURE-MD (sending country: Bosnia and Herzegovina; receiving country: Montenegro).
  • NOTION (sending country: Greece; receiving country: France).
  • EmbDevOps (sending country: Germany; receiving country: Greece).
  • EPTATHLON (sending country: Bulgaria; receiving country: Greece).
  • Magos (sending country: Greece ; receiving country: Germany).
  • AgriCloud (sending country: Cyprus; receiving country: Bulgaria).
  • LED2SPEC (sending country: Hungary; receiving country: Germany).
  • Degree360 (sending country: Lithuania; receiving country: United Kingdom).

The selected KTE experiments will be supported with a lump sum of up to EUR 8,000 each to cover mobility allowance for implementing the internship.

Applications were selected by the SMART4ALL Selection Committee. Proposals submitted via the platform underwent a first eligibility check by FundingBox before being passed on to 2 independent and confidential external evaluators with wide expertise in CLEC, CPS, and/or IoT (Experts Evaluation). A Consensus Meeting was then held during which the SMART4ALL Selection Committee decided by consensus and based on the ranking obtained as result of the external expert evaluation. Finally, the list of winners was sent for review and acceptance to the Project Officer of the European Commission.

This was the first of three Open Calls on Knowledge Transfer Experiments. Throughout the 48 months of the SMART4ALL project, entities will be able to submit their proposals in up to 9 open calls. The 2nd KTE Open Call will launch in March 2021. The next open call in the project is the 1st Open Call on Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments and will launch on 1st December 2020 at

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