First DigiFed DIH-Network Event

First DigiFed DIH-Network Event: Virtual Workshop, 17th November 2020

Are you interested in discussing, refining and exploring the services provided by Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) to foster and support the development and consolidation of SMEs across Europe? Then we are happy to invite you to the First DigiFed DIH-Network Event, to be held virtually the 17th of November and co-organized by the SmartAnythingEverywhere (SAE) initiative.

This workshop will focus on exchanging experiences between different DIHs, particularly from the field Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). We will discuss the different challenges faced by DIHs, including the development of operationally and financially sustainable services to support SMEs, the reaching out to strategic stakeholders, and the interaction with local, national and European eco-systems. Moreover, we will develop a collaboration roadmap to outline and establish strategies to exploit potential synergies between the different participating DIHs.

Participants will also learn the DigiFed approach to support SMEs, foster technology transfer and improve the digital maturity of companies across Europe. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the SmartAnythingEverywhere approach towards DIHs and its strategy to support and foster them in their consolidation. Moreover, the perspective of sustainability will be deeply discussed particularly from a European perspective. In addition, the different Innovation Actions under the SAE umbrella focused on CPS will also present their tools and strategy to support SMEs.

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