Meet the winners

SMART4ALL awards a total €320.000 to 4 projects in its 1st Open Call on Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTE)

SMART4ALL has selected 4 winners in its 1st Open Call on Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTE). The Open Call ran from 30 June until 30 September 2020. Candidates were required to submit their application online at

Focused Technology Transfer Experiments (FTTE) are 9-month cross-border experiments between two different entities (industrial or academic) from two different eligible countries. One  entity from one eligible country transfers a  particular novel hardware or software technology in the domain of  Customized Low-Energy Computing (CLEC) for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)  and the Internet of Things (IoT) to a receiving industry partner (SME or  Slightly Bigger Company) from a different country. Eligible countries were EU Member States, H2020 Associated Countries and any other country from the prioritised South-East European region. The proposals had to fall under one of the following domains: Digitized Transport, Digitized Environment, Digitized Agriculture, or Digitized Anything.

The 4 winning proposals in the 1st FTTE Open Call are:


  1. EDIoT, Energy Disaggregation on IoT Smart Meters, formed by Meazon Electronic Systems SA (Greece) and University of Hertfordshire (United Kingdom).
  2. AERIALS, UAVs, IoT and AI aspired Revalorization and Holistic Quality Control Management of Agricultural Waste, formed by AGROKYKLOSI L.P. (Greece) and Starcopter GmbH (Germany).
  3. SMartY, Smart Metering & Artificial intelligent features for SaMMY IoT platform, formed by SAMMY IKE (Greece) and Spark Works ITC LTD (United Kingdom).
  4. EmBRACE, the Smart Bracelet for Technologically Aided Social Distancing on Cruise Ships, formed by Optionsnet (Greece) and Telocate GmbH (Germany).


Each consortium listed above will receive EUR 80,000 in funding to be distributed among consortium members.

The 4 winning consortia were selected amongst 99 applications that included entities from 34 different countries including member states of the European Union and H2020 associated countries. The ten countries with most applications (from lead partners) were Greece (23), Germany (11), Italy (8), Spain (6), Cyprus (6), Serbia (5), Bulgaria (4), the United Kingdom (4), Poland (3), and Portugal (3). The verticals with most applications received were Digitized Anything with 40 applications, Digitized Agriculture with 26, Digitized Environment with 23, and Digitized Transport with 10.

This was the first of three Open Calls on Focused Technology Transfer Experiments. Throughout the 48 months of the SMART4ALL project, entities will be able to submit their proposals in up to 9 open calls: 3 KTE Open Calls, 3 FTTE Open Calls, 3 CTTE Open Calls. The 2nd FTTE Open Call will launch in 2021 and an official date has yet to be communicated. The next open call in the project is the 1st Open Call on Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments which is open now at