SAE Contest Award 2020

The SAE Contest Award was organised to promote and give visibility to the most promising innovative companies that have benefited from Innovation Actions aligned to SAE while looking for further private funding. The aim of the SAE Contest Award is to offer the winner as well as the finalists a privileged access to private investors.

Lean more about the SAE Contest Award (link to deliverable)


And the SAE Contest Award Winner 2020 is…

And the winner is…

The 1st Prize was awarded to Protolab for their innovative approach to address scoliosis treatment with a digital and sensor approach, congratulation to Piero Schiavuta. Beyond the technical challenge, the jury members were very happy to see that smart technology can contribute to improve people life and improve a rather standard treatment procedure. Watch the Protolab video!

The 2nd prize went to Maria Bulgheroni from Ab-Acus for the very promising tele-rehabilitation solutions they have developed. Learn more about Ab-Acus!

The 3rd prize went to the SANTO project/ Thomas Becker from Cipacto for a very innovative approach to address environmental challenges of industrial tank leakages. Learn more about SANTO!

Congratulations to all winners!