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The SAE initiative is bringing together innovative projects in different fields of technology with the overall aim to actively promote and support the digital change in the European economy.

In the past few months five new cluster projects aligned to the SAE initiative started successfully.

  • fed4SAE
    Accelerating European CPS solutions to market / Cyber-physical and embedded systems (CPS)
  • Tetramax
    Technology Transfer via Multinational Application Experiments / customized low energy computing powering CPS and the Internet of Things (HPC)
  • Diatomic
    Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European microelectronics industry / Smart Systems Integration (SSI)
  • SmartEES
    Bringing flexible electronics products to life / Organic and large area electronics (OLAE)
  • Smart 4 Europe
    Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe / SAE related CSA


Several projects that are aligned to the SAE initiative publish Open Calls during November 2017.

Open call for Application Experiments

FED4SAE as part of the SmartAnythingEverywhere Initiative aims to facilitate the acceleration of European Cyber-Physical System (CPS) solutions to market and will boost digitization of European industry by strengthening companies’ competitiveness in the CPS market.

The project has now launched its first open call for Application Experiments – Up to €60K funding, technical and business coaching is now available to support European companies to develop smart applications.

For further information click here, proposal template and guideline click here

Upcoming call for Bilateral Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX)

TETRAMAX is a new Horizon 2020 innovation action, which aims to boost innovation by stimulating, organizing and evaluating different kinds of technology transfer experiments (TTX).  These co-funded “application experiments” connect SMEs and mid-caps with international academics, resulting in low-risk industrial adoption of novel computing technologies. Its first open call for bilateral TETRAMAX Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX) is published in November 2017.

See Call announcement , for further information click here

Upcoming call for Flexible Electronics Products

SmartEES is European acceleration program, supported by the European Commission and dedicated to help innovative companies access new markets and grow their business by using flexible electronics in new lines of products.

50 innovative solutions of Organic and Large Area Electronics (OLAE) will be offered in the fields of organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, OLED lighting Electronics & components or Integrated Smart Systems to design and launch new product ideas.

Further Information will be available as of early December 2017 at


Meet the SmartAnythingEverywhere initiative and aligned projects at the following events:

December 5-7 2017:

EFECS, European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems in Brussels, Belgium

Co-organised by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL-JU and the European Commission.  Theme: „Our Digital Future“

Square Brussels Meeting Centre, Rue Mont des Arts, 1000 Brussels, booth no. 34

read more

December 7 2017:

Workshop on Commercialization of Smart Systems chaired by Smarter-SI, aligned SAE project, 15:30 – 18:00h, The Square, Brussels, Belgium, Room 211 + 212

For further information and registration details please contact (open email in new window)

December 12-13 2017:

iMNC, International Micro Nano Conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems will this year be hosted and co-organized by iMNC 2017 in collaboration with the European Commission.

Read more

March 13-15 2018

LOPEC, international Exhibition and Conference for the Printed Electronics Industry, Munich, Germany

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As part of the SAE initiative a Technology Radar is being created by the project Smart 4 Europe to classify Smart Technologies, Smart Services, SAE Tools and SAE Platforms according to their level of market readiness.

Thus, information on new technologies are collected and input from the community on what are the interesting and up and coming technologies is highly appreciated.

Here we would like to solicit input on the technologies already identified via the attached questionnaire with respect to maturity and potential interest to industry, but also other new and exciting technologies.

Additionally, we are seeking ideas for non-traditional uses of smart technologies, e.g. self-tying shoes for the elderly, UAVs for shark alerting, etc.

If you have an unusual application that you are either working on, or think would be interesting for the future, we would very much like to hear from you!

Fill in questionnaire here and find out more about the Technology Radar and its evaluation on our SAE community page


SAE initiative at the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) conference

Madrid, September 22 2017

Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) support the faster adoption of latest digital technologies notably by SMEs, start-ups and mid-caps. They act as a one-stop-shop, providing customers with access to digital technologies and competences, infrastructure and training to test digital innovations, financing advice, market intelligence and networking opportunities. This makes DIHs important enablers towards broad digital transformation of European industry. The DIH-Event at Madrid presented the European initiatives I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) and SAE (Smart Anything Everywhere) which play a key role in the development of the network of DIHs. More than 30 international speakers presented their experience, strategies and thoughts about the DIHs. Discussion rounds and networking opportunities completed the event that was organised by Innovalia, the European Commission (DG Connect), and the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO).

SAE related presentations were given by Max Lemke, Alexandra Tasigiorgou, Oana Radu (DG Connect) and Rainer Günzler (Hahn-Schickard, Germany),

Find here the SAE related presentations


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