Mapping Urban Air Quality In High Resolution


Air pollution in cities is an EU and Global challenge that most developed and developing countries are facing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), ambient air pollution kills over 4 million people every year, largely in cities. It is an invisible killer, and the problem is increasing due to unprecedented population growth in cities.


Bettair® is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that permits, for the first time, to map air and noise pollution in cities on a previously unimaginable scale based on a large deployment of outstandingly accurate gas sensors by using an advanced post-processing algorithm. The information provided by the bettair® platform allows cities to implement appropriate urban plans to enhance the air quality and to make smart and better decisions to mitigate air pollution. The bettair® nodes are composed count with up to 6 electrochemical sensors to measure gases, an Optical Particle Counter to measure PMs, noise pollution sensor, and other ambient quality indicators. A complete front and back-end solution is provided to municipalities and an APP for the citizens.

Our platform (which is a complementary network to traditional air quality monitoring equipment) will perfectly assist cities to i) identify unknown air or noise pollution sources, ii) to assess the impact and effects of different environmental actions to identify the most effective ones, and iii) recommend specific local actions.

FED4SAE Support

With the support of FED4SAE, we will migrate the current MCU solution used to an STM32 processor family taking advantage of the features offered by this processor family: high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low-power operation while maintaining full integration and ease of development. Additionally, a LoRaWAN module will be integrated into the Bettair® static node. The new devices will be tested in London (with support of Digital Catapult) and in Cantabria (with support of the University of Cantabria).


Bettair® platform will permit cities to mitigate air pollution and the benefits of our technology will have a tremendous impact on environmental and societal issues. Air pollution affects vegetation, the quality of water and soil, and the ecosystem services that they support. In addition, several air pollutants are also climate forcers, which have a potential impact on the planet’s climate and global warming in the short term (i.e. decades). In terms of human health and society, the direct benefits of improving quality of life are remarkable considering that air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe.

With Bettair® the most cost-effective local actions can be identified to efficiently reduce pollution; studies have shown pollution can be reduced up to 30% or more in cities with just local actions.

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