Assuring flawless aluminium profiles


Scrap production is a common headache among manufacturers and the aluminium extrusion field is no exception. However, eliminating scrap can be very challenging due to the harsh conditions that prevail in factory environments. Imagine being a press operator, responsible for tuning the press in order to maximize product quality. Now, imagine that you would need to physically monitor the product’s quality from all angles, during extrusion at temperatures over 400oC and speeds that reach 40 meters per minute. Seems impossible?

Diatomic Support

Without DIATOMIC, it would have been hard to accomplish this experiment. Due to its cyber-physical nature, real production conditions were required in order for CYRUS to reach the Market stage, and the financial support oered by DIATOMIC made this possible. Also, thanks to DIATOMIC, we had the opportunity to cooperate with Ingenno, a great company with expertise in Industrial Design and Marketing strategies.

Finally, the advice we received from our Coaches to focus on the cost-benefit approach helped us form the final product and make it appealing to our clients.

Key Results

The output of this experiment is a robust and market-ready product. In order to achieve this, during the experiment, we focused on ensuring:
• System stability and robustness: Considering the harsh conditions of an industrial environment (high temperatures, high speeds, 24/7 production), the final version of CYRUS has 99.9% uptime, as well as robust and real-time detections
• System effectiveness: Clients reported 0.6% scrap reduction from the first 3 months in a single press. This corresponds to savings of approx. €53,000 annually.

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