Driving efficiency and impact in facilities and service management Sensing solutions for 2020


As technology advances and lifestyles change, consumer expectations increase. Financial pressures on local authorities and private enterprises continue to rise and the need to improve services to match growing expectations is ever-present.

Trials of IoT devices in the waste management industry indicate significant opportunities for savings of at least 35%. Some research has indicated that up to 87% of public bin collections are wasted, due to low fill rates. Incidents of fires in public bins have resulted in the need for one English council to replace two waste collection vehicles at a cost of £500k.
Traditional methods of delivering fundamental services struggle to provide continuous improvement and new ways must be sought. The benefits are clear and sizeable.


IoT Solutions Group has developed an end to end value chain, comprising sensing devices, edge processing and data dissemination. We are working to combat the inefficiencies experienced across the waste management industry, improve environmental standards and eliminate instances of asset destruction. Our devices detect the fill rate of bins, if they have been left open, overturned and instances of fire. By tying up with multiple LPWAN solutions, through simple firmware modification, we are able to support the technological requirements of any local authority or waste management company and convert data to usable insight in real-time.

FED4SAE Support

With the support of FED4SAE and by working with Digital Catapult and STMicroelectronics our solution is utilising:

  • STM32F hardware platform
  • LPWAN platform supported by Digital Catapult – deploying SIGFOX and LoRaWAN connectivity


Our integrated waste management solutions provide local authorities and waste management operatives with the information they need to streamline collection services, enable emergency response and prevent high value asset write off. Financial savings and opportunity cost benefits promise to be significant, whilst also enhancing local environments for residents and visitors. By covering the full value chain, from hardware to insight, and designing bespoke solutions, we are able to provide clients with the insight they need, in the way they need it to address their priorities.

This approach also eliminates end users’ needs to procure the constituent parts of the chain separately, thus driving down the cost to deploy and maintain.

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