The developed solution will offer currently not accessible information to optimise the cutting process by modifying the process parameters in cases where they can be improved, scheduling the maintenance to maximise the availability of the machine and organising plant production. For that purpose, M-AID will integrate the latest ICT technologies for harvesting the huge quantity of data offered by machines and embedded systems, in which a hybrid artificial intelligence will be used, by combining predictive and prescriptive analysis solutions. In this way, the developed tool will provide support in the decision making of process optimization, predictive maintenance and production planning. The processed information will be combined with advanced dashboards, including wearables, wherein the surveillance and inputs from plant actors will be collected.

Partner & Expertise:

SAVVYExperiment leader, Spanish SME skilled on cloud monitoring and data analytics.
IDEKOResearch centre representing Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH).
AEROMECSpanish aerospace components machinery company, in which the milling process of an aeronautic compressor case will be studied

For further information, please visit https://dih4cps.eu/m-aid/