Smart Medical Platform System Integration Minimizing Medical Errors


Medication errors within clinical environments represent a serious public health problem and pose a threat to patient safety. In such a challenging working environment with long working hours, it is perhaps not surprising that human errors lead to wrong dosages, inaccurate timings and sometimes even mixed up medication. The MEDICATION Experiment
delivers an IoT-based solution that addresses the problem at the systemic level, potentially reducing up to 2/3 of medication errors by automating the matching process of patients, prescriptions, health records and medical treatment. Our product is ready to be used in the first 5 hospitals in South-East Europe, and we have conducted a cost-benefit analysis of the benefits.

Diatomic Support

DIATOMIC services and funding were critical to achieving the successful implementation of our Experiment. Using the guidelines provided by our coaches as well as their support, we executed our idea identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our project. Through DIATOMIC, we got access to advanced infrastructure, expertise, as well as technical and business support. Attending webinars helped us find solutions to overcome challenges and guided us in setting and reaching our goals by oering business tips, advice and strategies. DIATOMIC provided us with access to knowledge, development and experimentation resources through dierent webinars and oered us technological training and resources.

Key Results

The overall objective of MEDICATION is to provide a holistic solution to the hospital medication domain and oer error-free hospital medication processes, along with direct and indirect cost savings. Moreover, the MEDICATION system promotes new business models for hospitals, claiming and proving error-proof procedures in medical activities from patients’ admission to long term hospitalization. Finally, MEDICATION promotes commercial exploitation, demonstrating its pilot results to existing and new business contacts.

KPI 1: In-hospital drugs’ stocktaking time < 35% of current process time

KPI 2: Delay for identification of patient location < 60% of current process time

KPI 3: Eciency of drugs’ distribution <40% of the current process

KPI 4: Cost reduction of drugs’ distribution <25% of the current process

KPI 5: Medical personnel training time <60% of the current training time

KPI 6: Number of B2B partners to promote MEDICATION results > 5

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