Development of a smart sampling device based on NANOhole LEAKs for analytical instrumentation


Miniaturize and digitalize the gas sampling using combination of Nano Electro Mechanichal System (NEMS) and computing power. This will lead to high resolution gas analyzer, multigas detectors, innovative GC-MS portable with electronic control and management signal that can be fully integrated on a chip structure.


The control of the gaseous flow is made with an array of submicrometric holes that can be open and closed individually (the NEMS device). A process control system can manage each hole individually and can also control the gas flow with a fine granularity (from full array opening to one-hole opening) down to molecular level. The gas sensor signal (mass spectrometer for example) will be used with embedded algorithms to adjust the gas flow to obtain a better sensitivity or signal over noise ratio. The algorithms are implemented on the computer platform from ST (STM32).

FED4SAE Support

The NEMS device will be fabricated using the advanced manufacturing/packaging technology platform of CSEM. An array of submicronic hole will be etched in a membrane and flexible beams will be created to be able to close each hole individually.

Managing the gas flow is done by controlling currents applied on the beam array. This will be achieved using the STM32 platform. Consequently, it becomes possible to realize and implement a complete smart management of the inlet gas flows’ control as a function of the sensor signal.

Blumorpho will help NanoTech Analysis in building business.


This AE will be core of future gas analyzer that will allow NanoTech Analysis to miniaturize up to a portable system. The application will allow the industry to minimize the risk of introducing NEMS in the device and to have up to date integrated calculation capacity on board (STM32).

The AE experiment will help NanoTech Analysis to validate the use of nanotechnology for gas sampling systems and therefore valorize their patent portfolio. The help of competent partners (ST, CSEM) will shorten the development time.

The interaction with all the FED4SAE partners will help to refine the marketing strategy of NanoTech Analysis.

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