Pioneering Robotic Rehabilitation


Robotics applied to human restoration is knocking on our doors, and Europe as a global industrial power is bound to assert the economic eort made to date in R&D activities. Furthermore, as an ageing region of the world, the development of robotic solutions for human rehabilitation is critical to enhance the life of millions of Europeans.

Diatomic Support

DIATOMIC has greatly helped the development of the SmartWearable device, in addition to the economic support, with valuable and up to date advice at a technological as well as market level. Moreover, the monitoring work carried out by the DIATOMIC coaches has been very useful and they have supported us with advice during every dierent stage of the project.

Key Results

The overall objective of the experiment is to obtain robotics behavioural flexibility that could facilitate seamless integration of exoskeletons and users and enhancement of user’s skill acquisition during rehabilitation. SMARTWEARABLE project as well aims to develop and experiment a new smart robot system for lower-limb rehabilitation. The solution is based on a new structure of exoskeleton based on the Exo-H2 rigid actuator (manufacture by Technaid S.L.) adapted to the joint (ankle), an control and monitoring system, and a user interface in the form of a video game, directly communicated with the movements of the user to include rehabilitation exercises and to regulate automatically exoskeleton behaviour to obtain personalized therapies.

Currently, the device is pending for testing in patients.

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