The Next Generation Hyperspectral Dermoscopy System

Problem and solution

Skin cancer is responsible for 1 death per hour which accounts for more than 50% of all cancers combined. The most aggressive and hazardous skin cancer type is Melanoma, which represents 4% of all skin cancer lesions. Melanoma diagnosis rates are continuously increasing while the number of Dermatologists is decreasing relative to the population. This means that Dermatologists do not have the capacity to regularly examine the general population using conventional techniques. At present, multiple repetitive examinations are required in order to safely determine skin abnormalities. Most systems that are currently available to doctors are optical or digital dermoscopes, operating in the visible spectrum. Such devices have limited diagnostic and predictive accuracy.


SpectroX project will exploit a multispectral camera which will able to reveal and capture information rich images, both in and under the skin, beyond the capability of the human eye. With the additional aid of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, this will allow for an instant and automatic evaluation of the underlying skin conditions. SpectroX will be a highly accurate, easy to use and early diagnostic system that will revolutionize the way in which skin conditions are detected. AI has rapidly evolved and matured during the last two decades and is currently used in a variety of medical devices providing outstanding performance. Spectral Imaging cameras enable precise and consistent image acquisitions, as the capture procedure is properly calibrated and represents an actual physical measurement. Althexis combines these technologies and brings a next generation dermoscope, with a special emphasis on the early detection of melanoma: “SpectroX”.

SpectroX as an examination device which will be a handheld system accompanied with an AI enabled software, capable of capturing and making predictions, automatically for 8 skin conditions. Althexis has established collaborations with doctors and clinics for them to characterize and annotate the spectral data needed for the AI training procedure. All data are uploaded to the Althexis Secure Cloud, enabling AI models to be continuously verified and improved. This process will provide single-shot predictions of unprecedented accuracy, compared to the conventional procedures.

FED4SAE project will significantly benefit and accelerate the efforts of the company to commercialize and reach the market earlier. The collaborative network within the FED4SAE apart from the technological support of CSEM and Intel also provides Althexis with the business support from Blue Morpho. This gives the opportunity for the the company, during the development of the proposed system, to continuously improve company commercialization and marketing strategy.

Early detection of melanoma or certain skin conditions can significantly increase survival rates. The provided features of SpectroX system satisfy early and accurate detection of dangerous skin conditions, that could lead to reduced skin cancer rates and eliminate the elevated risk of metastases. SpectroX will also have a significant impact on the attitude towards skin screening from the general public and allow for a larger portion of the population to be tested.

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