Sportcom and Moovlab

Enabling the Internet of Rings

Challenges and Solutions

Sport is one of the leading application in wearable devices and the fitness market is a battlefield where small and large actors are entering in a severe competition. Fitness clubs are constantly looking for differentiation and part of the solution relies in the activity trackers and connectivity.

Boxing and martial arts have become an inspiration for fitness clubs. The training methods of Boxing are now adapted to fitness and commercialized under names like bodycombat™ or BodyAttack™. The French SME Sportcom, selling Boxing equipment is receiving a strong traction from this business segment. The contribution of connectivity into this domain is a field that is worth to explore to enter this market with a strong differentiation.

The concept proposed to Sportcom is to integrate fitness and motion trackers in boxing gloves to develop a virtual coaching experience. Wireless Motion Unit Sensors integrated into the gloves supported by advanced algorithms will help to personalize the coaching, follow the performance and create a real community around that trend.

Thanks to the broad IP of CEA-LETI in gesture recognition, a demonstrator was designed that will bring a brand new approach in training. To support the Software development and industrialization of the solution, two additional companies are involved. Internet Force 5 will develop the App that will enable the user experience and 3 entrepreneurs and experts in Martial Arts have founded Moovlab to develop and commercialize a whole range of connected sporting goods dedicated to contact sport.

Gateone Support

Thanks to the gateone-project, a full value chain was put together to enable the digitization of the training in boxing and fitness boxing. Sportcom is an innovative company in its field but need the support of additional actors to enable these new electronics and software functionalities. LETI is the source for technology, and Moovlab will be a key player for the future industrialization of the product.

In a very short timeframe, LETI has developed a functional demonstrator integrated in the glove and it is now possible to demonstrate the concept to users and collect their feedback. This demonstrator is now the starting point for a the minimum viable product development.

Impact/What’s next

Thanks to the investment in the connected Boxing Glove demonstrator, Sportcom is now entering into the digitization era of Boxing and a new company Moovlab was created to act as an intermediate player to enable the productization of this concept. The first demonstration of the glove was performed by Moovlab during the IoT Planet tradeshow in Grenoble and a the concept received a very strong feedback from visitors. The finalized demo will be showcased during the next CES event in Las Vegas.