The event industry, also known as event management industry, -conferences, trade fairs, festival, hospitality shows- is looking for differentiation and value creation by integrating advanced multimedia technology to generate impacting communication experiences. Kumo Technologies is a company working in the design, development and delivery of techno-artistic big installations and immersive experiences using multimodal interactive technologies. 

The experiment aims to integrate the CPS concepts and solutions to allow KUMO Technologies achieve even more impacting installations. The experiment use CPS technology to acquire real time data, including 3D scanning data, to create dynamic 3D multimedia visualization, real-time animation and sculpturing of 3D visual objects, combined with real time music and sound modulation. The final goal is to achieve even more impacting and immersive techno-artistic experiences to enrich the actual service portfolio of the company.

Problem and Description

Kumo Technologies is interested in enriching their actual portfolio of services to the event industry –conferences, festivals, hospitality events, trade shows. Kumo Technologies are experts in designing, developing and delivering immersive multimedia installations that combine 3D visualization, music and artistic creation.

Kumo Technologies want to create a new kind of product/service that will utilize CPS technologies for:

  • Acquire 3D pointclouds from physical objects by using 3D scanning supplied by DataPixel as the base to create virtual 3D scultptures, integrated by particles that dynamically are organized in the 3D space.
  • Collect and pre-process real time data from the cloud, in order to modify and generate animation of the virtual 3D images.
  • Collect and pre-process real time data from the cloud to modulate music and sound.
  • Visualize the created animated 3D images in big displays in an immersive way
  • Combine all the elements to create immersive and impacting multimedia experiences.
  • Facilitate the life-cycle of techno-artistic creative process, from the conceptual design to the technological realization, trying to simplify the use of the technology tools and resources.

Kumo Technologies is an SME that will achieve differentiation by offering this new product/service to the event industry in the global market. Event industry is growing during the last years, and is demanding new products that will expand the communication resources to achieve more impact in the audiences.

AE Description

The AE will consist in the experimentation and integration of CPS resources to achieve a techno-artistic multimedia installation. The experiment will combine:

  • 3D scanning technology will be utilized to generate a high density pointcloud of particles as a copy of a real physical object. The particular object will be proposed by the artist-designer, and can be an industrial object or a natural object.  
  • The 3D pointcloud will be one of the inputs to the CPS system, that will require interoperability with the scanning system. Standards will be needed in order to guarantee the interoperability.
  • Real time data acquisition from the cloud will be the second source of data. The artist together with the client of the installation will decide what data to use, and the needed pre-processing. Interoperability will be as well a topic in this point.
  • The real time data will be utilized for the animation of the 3D object of particles. The idea is to develop an algorithm that will create„ influences of the data in the particles, and will result in an animated„ swarm of particles.
  • The real time data will be as well utilized to modulate the music and sound, being the data„ influencing the shape of the sonic elements by changing level, panoramics, frequency content and pitch. The artist-designer will create the basic sound elements and the mixing of them.
  • The created 3D animated objects will be visualized in a big multi-display, and will be combined in a synchronous way with the modulated sound.
  • The final result will be an evolving dynamic audio-visual installation that will transform real time data in an impacting experience, being a new way of communication to the audience in a specific context.

The experiment will be a cooperation between Kumo Technologies as user, and DataPixel as technology supplier of CPS based 3D scanning technologies.

Partner & Expertise:

KumoMultimedia big installations for event industry
DATAPIXEL3D scanning optical technology, pointcloud processing and analysis

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