TEESSIDE University – BMG Labtech

Extending the capability of Absorption Spectroscopy

Challenges and Solutions

Absorption spectroscopy is used in a variety of sectors including within life science and drug discovery research. When the sample size is very small then the sensitivity of absorbance is low and fluorescence is more commonly used but this typically requires use of a label. The high sensitivity offered by the Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy technique allows the use of absorbance over a far extended detection range.
Absorbance can then be used in applications where only fluorescence could be previously considered and in a label free manner. The analysis becomes direct and the process speed is improved.

Gateone Support

BMG LABTECH has been committed to producing microplate readers for more than twenty years and has developed a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening.Thanks to the partnership between BMG Labtech and TEESSIDE University, the application of absorption spectroscopy can be pushed further and an extended field of applications will be within reach.

Impact/What’s next

This first version of the demonstrator works in the visible range and is currently under evaluation. It will be further explored in the UV range to address the market of DNA analysis. This new range of capability can enter seamlessly into BMG Labtech’s range of product. Please contact us for further information or for a demo.