Electronic innovation in pyrotechnics

Challenges and Solutions

Pyrotechnical applications are widely used in the areas of security, safety, industrial environments and are very common in airbags. Nowadays, hot wire devices are the most common igniters used by the industry, it is a century old technology and did not evolve at all. New usages could be deployed if further miniaturization was possible.
In addition the REACH regulation in Europe is a strong incentive for an evolution of this technology for the European market and this industry is always in search of security improvements.

The French SME TETHYS is specialized in pyrotechnic applications. It is mainly involved in major safety functions for property, persons and processes and in complex functions. With the nanothermite ignition technology developed by the research organization LAAS CNRS, a new wave of innovation could be started in the usage of Pyrotechnics. Self-injection pens could be envisaged without needles, which would be beneficial not only for needle phobics but also to deliver better guarantees in terms of contamination risks.

Data sterilization is one of the applications targeted by TETHYS. A Surface Mountable component would be of great help to permit the physical destruction of sensitive storage devices. Those high ends Memories would be used in critical applications in businesses where knowledge management is strategic.

Gateone Support

By using the electronic instead of the hot wire device, TETHYS is able to integrate miniaturized igniters produced by collective processes from the proprietary technology of LAAS. As the new product is compatible with other electronic technologies, there is additional innovation potential for smarter and safer devices.
As an SME, TETHYS plays an important role in the innovation cycle of this Nanothermite technology. As the pyrotechnic business field if extremely conservative by nature, this new product developed by TETHYS could be the game changing first step to bring new technologies to a whole industry – the French SME acts as an early adopter and catalyzer of innovation.

Impact/What’s next

Within the next 2 years, TETHYS and LAAS will enter into partnership to further develop the value chain with an additional SME to be involved as a production partner. The qualification of the technology into high end products will be the first milestone of the TETHYS/LAAS partnership which will be followed by the data sterilisation concept and more…