Fully integrated development tools for partitioned systems


The main goal of the project is to provide a complete set of tools that covers all the phases of the life cycle of the product: from the system design to the final configuration file of the partitioned system.

  • Connect our customers modelling tool with Time4Sys.
  • Give Time4Sys the ability to define partitioned systems.
  • Connect Time4Sys and Xamber so the timing performance verification is automatically done in Xamber.
  • Demonstrate de capabilities of the partitioned framework developed by means of an application experiment in the space domain.


The architecture proposal can be seen in figure below, where three tools are connected to define the complete system. A modelling design tool (EEI/XPM) that is used to model the system and generate the deployment and automatic code of the applications, Time4sys to define temporal information and a configuration tool to obtain the static configuration file for XtratuM (Xamber).

FED4SAE Support

Time4PS will contribute to scientific progress of software engineering for mixed criticality embedded real-time systems and it will highlight the increase in quality and effort savings obtained by using an integrated software development lifecycle supported by the appropriate tools. The close interaction of fentISS with FED4SAE partners, notably the Thales Group research team, will enhance the project impact in the scientific community.


The participation in Time4PS will enable fentISS customers to use more sophisticated tools for modelling, analysis and integration of their system and it will give fentISS the ability to develop further support of their products. Also, it will empower fentISS to gain global competitiveness in three ways. Firstly, it will allow fentISS to enter in customers who are already using Time4Sys. Secondly, it will improve the company products position in large and complex projects. Finally, the project will offer new opportunities to fentISS to enter in adjacent markets such as aviation, railways or automotive.

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