Time to say Goodbye…

On December 31 2021, the CSA Smart4Europe2 powering the SAE Initiative for the last 2 years ended! Time to say goodbye and thanks to all, who have shaped this initiative and supported its goals for so many years!

It’s been an incredible journey since 2015 when the SAE Initiative came to life! Time to look back and see what has been achieved throughout its 3 phases.

  • From 2015 until 2023, 14 Innovation Actions plus 2 supporting CSAs shaped shaped the SAE ecosystem in 3 phases
  • More than 150 partners in 36 countries all over Europe are aligned to the SAE projects fostering digitization
  • 100 Million Euro total funding were invested by the European Commission
  • More than 660 companies (with 90% being SMEs and small mid-caps) received support, be it of financial, technological, test-before-invest or strategic nature.
  • This resulted in 32 Million Euros of direct funding through the FSTP (Financial Support to Third Parties) scheme
  • 48 Open calls distributed this funding amount with an average success rate 20-25 %

Most of the Application Experiments had a relevant European dimension and were executed in collaboration of partners from different EU member states and associated countries combining existing regional strengths and know-how. Even more of them facilitated collaboration and interaction across different regions.

Do you want to know more about all the achievements and leanings of the past 6 years? Our key strategic recommendations are available on our website!