Cooperation and Funding

Several projects that are aligned to the SAE initiative publish Open Calls during November 2017.

Open Calls:

FED4SAE: Call on cyber-physical and embedded systems
TETRAMAX: Call on customised low energy computing

Upcoming Calls:

SmartEES:   Call on Application Experiments in the field of flexible electronics technologies

Get active!

The SAE initiative opens several chances for you to engage.

Technology experts join in!

The SAE Technology Radar identifies enablers for the further development of digitisation.

Activities and Events

The SAE initiative and its aligned projects will be presented at the EFECS 2017 conference.

European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems

5-7 December 2017, Brussels
and the European Commission
Theme: „Our Digital Future“
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iMNC, International Micro Nano Conference

December 12-13 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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And the winner is… Gateone project!

Gateone project wins best Early Stage Innovation Award in Budapest…

Gateone project as finalist of the innovation prize radar

Congratulation to the gateone project team for having qualified…

First SAE workshop

The first SAE workshop on September 21st, 2017 - Via Castellana…