SmartAnythingEverywhere Initiative

“Smart Anything Everywhere” can be used synonymously for the next wave of products with integrated digital, innovative technologies. The identically named SmartAnythingEverywhere (SAE) initiative of the European Commission offers funding and support especially SME’s to upgrade their products and services to the digital age.

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Cooperation and Funding

Funding opportunities

Looking for technical and financial support for your digital innovation activities? The open calls of our aligned projects offer highly attractive funding possibilities for SMEs and mid-caps! How does that work? Find further information here.

An overview of all Open Calls in the context of Digitisation and Digital Innovation Hubs can be found here:


Calls are open on application experiments in the field of customized low-energy computing for cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things.

Currently open: Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX).

Apply until February 29th 2020.

Details in open calls can be found here:

Activities and Events

We are very happy to announce that the SmartAnythingeverywhere Initiative entered into phase 3 as of January 2020. Six more Innovation Actions are now aligned to the SAE initiative with a broad scope of expertise and offers in CPS, Customised Low Energy Computing as well as Flexible and Wearable Electronics. All of them started on January 1rst 2020 and will be running for at least 36 months. We will provide further information as soon as possible!


Info and Contact

SAE in a nutshell

Available 03/2018

Latest News

Cluster News


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TETRAMAX has been leading the #techtransfer charge at #HiPEAC20. Inspiration from the #TISU workshop, ft. Techmo, @FORTH_ITE, @UAMDofficial, @dividiti and @tudelft, poster success stories + the TETRAMAX awards - the tech being developed here is powering digital in Europe


TETRAMAX is proudly presenting a new video📽️: Meet 'EVErMORE'! a TETRAMAX bilateral techtransfer experiment that combines a novel system architecture designed by the Università di Bologna with processor technologies by @GreenWavesTech @UniboMagazine

TETRAMAX wishes you a wonderful Christmastime and a happy New Year! Maybe 2020 inspires you to experiment in digital innovations, be sure to have a look how TETRAMAX can support your novel ideas!

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🥇 EBASI experiment proposes a multimodal sensor-based recognition for social activities of daily living, integrated with a domotic system.

💡Check them on


🥇#dreaMS is a treatment platform dedicated to patients with #MultipleSclerosis and they are developing a new type of #biomarkers through the use of consumer devices and #DataScience.
💡 Find out more at

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The @SmartEEsEU meeting becomes a workshop as @AMIRES_EU puts the partners to work thinking about who the project can best target and focus on #CollaborativeBizDev #Workshop #BreakOutSession


And indeed, @TNO_nieuws announces during their presentation that the first @SmartEEsEU workshop will take place in April 2020 📅 It’ll be similar to a workshop they held last year (agenda pictured). Another Tweet to pin 📍 and keep watch for 👀

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