Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative

“Smart Anything Everywhere” can be used synonymously for the next wave of products with integrated digital, innovative technologies. The identically named Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE) initiative of the European Commission offers funding and support especially SME’s to upgrade their products and services to the digital age.

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Cooperation and Funding

Funding opportunities

Looking for technical and financial support for your digital innovation activities? The open calls of our aligned projects offer highly attractive funding possibilities for SMEs and mid-caps! How does that work? Find further information here.


First open call #1.1 – PULL: we are now looking for European SMEs/midcaps providing CPS and MBD assets & tools. A lump sum of 1000€ per SME will be given to integrate its solutions and to participate in a workshop!

Find further information here:


Open call for Application Experiment (AE): DigiFed offers grants of up to € 55k as well as technical and business support for the development of smart applications in Europe.

First call is currently open. Apply until June 9th 2020.

Details in open calls can be found here:


Open Call on Knowledge Transfer Experiments that  targets the exchange of knowledge of CLEC for CPS and IoT, in one of the following domains:

  • Digitized Transport
  • Digitized Environment
  • Digitized Agriculture
  • Digitized Anything

Apply until July 15th, 2020.

Details on this call can be found here:


SmartEEs2 Call for integration of flexible and wearable electronics technologies is now open!

Details can be found at


Last Entrepreneurial TTX opens on April 30, 2020.

Find further information and application documents of this call here:

Activities and Events

We are very happy to announce that the SmartAnythingeverywhere Initiative entered into phase 3 as of January 2020. Six more Innovation Actions are now aligned to the SAE initiative with a broad scope of expertise and offers in CPS, Customised Low Energy Computing as well as Flexible and Wearable Electronics. All of them started on January 1rst 2020 and will be running for at least 36 months. We will provide further information as soon as possible!

Info and Contact

SAE in a nutshell

Available 03/2018

Latest News

Cluster News

READY TO JOIN #hubcapEU Programme?

Call 1.1 PULL is now open! Don’t miss the chance of:

💵 Lump sum 1000€ per SME

🧩Integrate your solution in @hubcap_eu ecosystem

👥Free support services & workshops by DIHs

🔥 Sell your assets


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Have you seen 🔎TETRAMAX in the latest issue of #HiPEACinfo?
Check out the TETRAMAX investor portal on the website:

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📅 And last but not the least, Sustainable cities session on the 27th of May! Join our speakers!

🌐 Don't forget to register via

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Proposals time ! 2️⃣ weeks to go before @SmartEEsEU 1st Cut-off evaluation. Steps to follow:

👉🏼Check out the;
🔎Discover our FWE and manufacturing technologies
📌Select the technologies you need
✍🏼Register here;
Good luck !

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📢DigiFed @DigiFed

👩‍💻💻Digitalización de pymes

💵Financiación 55.000€

📅Límite 9 junio 2020

+ info #EENcanhelp

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The DIH4CPS-consortium has now launched its first Open Call for proposals. Find out more here.

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Looking for a partner to apply for #SMART4ALL #OpenCalls?

You can now visit our SMART4ALL Matchmaking & Partner Search Service to provide your company/institute details and specify the type of partner you are looking for:

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