SmartAnythingEverything Initiative

“Smart Anything Everywhere” can be used synonymously for the next wave of products with integrated digital, innovative technologies. The identically named SmartAnythingEverywhere (SAE) initiative of the European Commission offers funding and support especially SME’s to upgrade their products and services to the digital age.

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Cooperation and Funding

Funding opportunities

Looking for technical and financial support for your digital innovation activities? The open calls of our aligned projects offer highly attractive funding possibilities for SMEs and mid-caps! How does that work? Find further information here.

An overview of all Open Calls in the context of Digitisation and Digital Innovation Hubs can be found here:


Call on Application Experiments in the field of flexible electronics technologies
Apply until 20 September 2019.


Calls are open on application experiments in the field of customized low-energy computing for cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things:

–              3rd Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary TTX call: apply until 30 November 2019

–              2nd Entrepreneurial TTX call: apply until 30 November 2019

–              3rd Bilateral TTX call: apply until 31 December 2019

Details on all calls:

An here:

Publication dates of the calls are as follows:

–              Value Chain 3: 31.08.2019

–              Entrepreneurial 2: 31.08.19

–              Bilateral 3: 30.09.19

Activities and Events

Future Approaches and Recommendations to Enhance Digital Transformation of SMEs

“On the 25th June Smart4Europe organised an EC consultation meeting on “Future Approaches and Recommendations to Enhance Digital Transformation of SMEs” in Brussels. Find here further information as well as all presentations given”.


Info and Contact

SAE in a nutshell

Available 03/2018

Latest News

Cluster News


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Read more about @GreenWavesTech and their collaboration with the @pulp_platform team in the forthcoming issue of our magazine, #HiPEACinfo58 - out soon!
cc @Calista_Redmond

It's an exciting week of #research in #Munich. @fortiss is pleased to #host this year's @modelsconf #models19 as the world's largest #conference in model-driven #engineering.
#fortiss #modelbasedengineering #modelbaseddesign #skillsharing #softwareengineering #systemsengineering

Introducing #SmartAnythingEverywhere (made by #Smart4Europe) helping SMEs - #CADIX (@_wegoto) and #Immersive4Learning (@ARVRtech)

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What have we been up to recently? Read all about our open calls, planned events and the latest TETRAMAX project news in our September newsletter! 🗞️ #H2020 @DigIndEU @SAE_Initiative

#opencalls 📣 TETRAMAX just opened 2 calls for innovators in customized, low-energy computing!  
👉Entrepreneurial TTX call:
👉Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary TTX:

Aug. 30, TETRAMAX is launching a new call for Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary TechTransfer Experiments. Find out how TETRAMAX can help you take your innovation to the next level. A great example from a previous call: 📽️

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A novel solution in the poultry domain - CHAT! - AI based data analytics platform for early detection of chicken wellbeing and health issues #DnetLabs #PesslInstruments #ZivkoSekulic #Diatomic

#researchers #smes join our 1st #smart #specialization Tour in the US. Calling all #EU #advancedmanufacturing stakeholders come learn more about & make collaboration & connections with the #US
@DiatomicEU @Clusters_EU @SAE_Initiative @StartUpEU @EU_H2020

@SAE_Initiative is very pleased to share our #new #video showcasing the #impact of our project! Learn more about our #DIH #initiative and check out #resources on our #website! Enjoy! 🎥🙂

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