Highlights of SAE phase 2 Success Stories

All performed Success Stories are a highlight for itself as they show real improvement in the most different areas, but some of them are quite outstanding and worth to be presented separately. Find here the most promising experiments conducted by Innovation Actions Diatomic, FED4SAE, SmartEES1 and TETRAMAX!


  • Bettair: Mapping Urban Air Quality (learn more)
  • SANTO: Self-learning Tank Monitoring System for Diesel fuel (learn more)
  • SureWash: Hand Hygiene Training Technology (learn more)
  • Ab-Acus: Tele-Rehabilitation Solutions (learn more)
  • Protolab Brace: Digital Sensor Approach of Scoliosis Treatment (learn more)
  • 3DMA: Integration of thin, flexible electronics, including OLED into super thin bent wood (learn more)
  • IoT Flex Node: Improved  Multifunctional IoT platform solutions (learn more)
  • SmalTec: Smart Flooring Technologies – Preventing the Falling of Elderly People (learn more)
  • CARROTS: Digital Gardening Assistant (learn more)
  • AgriNav:  Helping small farmers benefit from variable-rate Fertilizer Technology (learn more)

MAMMUT: Monitoring Applications exploiting on-board Motorbike’s Multiple Transceivers (learn more)